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24. dubna 2009 v 6:51 | Amycus |  Nightwish

Bless The Child

"I was born amidst the purple waterfalls.

I was weak, yet not unblessed.

Dead to the world. Alive for the journey.

One night I dreamt a white rose withering,

a newborn drowning a lifetime loneliness.

I dreamt all my future. Relived my past.

And witnessed the beauty of the beast"

Where have all the feelings gone?

Why has all the laughter ceased?

Why am I loved only when I'm gone?

Gone back in time to bless the child

Think of me long enough to make a memory

Come bless the child one more time

How can I ever feel again?

Given the chance would I return?

I've never felt so alone in my life

As I drank from a cup which was counting my time

There's a poison drop in this cup of Man

To drink it is to follow the left hand path

"Where have all the feelings gone?

Why is the deadliest sin - to love as I loved you?

Now unblessed, homesick in time,

soon to be freed from care, from human pain.

My tale is the most bitter truth:

Time pays us but with earth & dust, and a dark, silent grave.

Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,

hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul's nothing but a name...

The Child bless thee & keep thee forever"

End Of All Hope

It is the end of all hope

To lose the child, the faith

To end all the innocence

To be someone like me

This is the birth of all hope

To have what I once had

This life unforgiven

It will end with a birth

No will to wake for this morn

To see another black rose born

Deathbed is slowly covered with snow

Angels, they fell first but I'm still here

Alone as they are drawing near

In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

Wounded is the deer that leaps highest

And my wound it cuts so deep

Turn off the light and let me pull the plug

Mandylion without a face

Deathwish without a prayer

End of hope

End of love

End of time

The rest is silence

Dead To The World

All the same take me away

We're dead to the world

The child gave thought to the poet's world

Gave comfort to the Fallen

(Heartfelt, lovelorn)

Remaining, yet still uninvited

Those words scented my soul

(Lonely soul, Ocean soul)

It's not the monsters under your bed

It is the Man next door

That makes you fear, makes you cry,

Makes you cry for the child

All the wars are fought among those lonely men

Unarmed, unscarred

I don't want to die a scarless man

A lonely soul

(Tell me now what to do)

I studied silence to learn the music

I joined the sinful to regain innocence

Heaven queen, cover me

In all that blue

Little boy, such precious joy

Is dead to the world

Heaven queen, carry me

Away from all pain

All the same take me away

We're dead to the world

Dead, silent, constant

Yet always changing

- My favorite view of this world

As he died, he will return to die in me again

Weaving the cloth, giving birth to the Century Child

Who gave his life not for the world but for me

Innocence reborn once more

Ever Dream

Ever felt away with me

Just once that all I need

Entwined in finding you one day

Ever felt away without me

My love, it lies so deep

Ever dream of me

Would you do it with me

Heal the scars and change the stars

Would you do it for me

Turn loose the heaven within

I'd take you away

Castaway on a lonely day

Bosom for a teary cheek

My song can but borrow your grace

Come out, come out wherever you are

So lost in your sea

Give in, give in for my touch

For my taste for my lust

Your beauty cascaded on me

In this white night fantasy

"All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you.

One I now have, will the other one ever dream remain.

For yours I truly wish to be."

Slaying The Dreamer

I'm a priest for the poorest sacrifice

I'm but a raft in a sea of sorrow and greed

You bathed in my wine

Drank from my cup, mocked my rhyme

Your slit tongues licked my aching wounds

Put a stake through my heart!

And drag me into sunlight

So awake for your greed

As you're slaying the dreamer

Swansong for the Wish of Night

God it hurts, give a name to the pain

Our primrose path to hell is growing weed

Blame me, it's me

Coward, a good-for-nothing scapegoat

Dumb kid, living a dream

Romantic only on paper

Tell me why you took all that was mine!

Stay as you lay - don't lead me astray!

Wake up, mow the weed

You'd be nothing without me

Take my life if you have the heart to die

You bastards tainted my tool

Raped my words, played me a fool

Gather your precious glitter and leave me be

The Great Ones are all dead

And I'm tired, too

I truly hate you all!

Forever Yours

Fare thee well, little broken heart

Downcast eyes, lifetime loneliness

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

Constant longing for the perfect soul

Unwashed scenery forever gone

No love left in me

No eyes to see the heaven beside me

My time is yet to come

So I'll be forever yours

Ocean Soul

One more night

To bear this nightmare

What more do I have to say

Crying for me was never worth a tear

My lonely soul is only filled with fear

Long hours of loneliness

Between me and the sea

Losing emotion

Finding devotion

Should I dress in white and search the sea

As I always wished to be - one with the waves

Ocean Soul

Walking the tideline

I hear your name

Is angels wispering

Something so beautiful it hurts

I only wished to become something beautiful

Through my music, through my silent devotion

Feel For You

You were my first love

The earth moving under me

Bedroom scent, beauty ardent

Distant shiver, heaven sent

I'm the snow on your lips

The freezing taste, the silvery sip

I'm the breath on your hair

The endless nightmare, devil's lair

Only so many times

I can say I long for you

The lily among the thorns

The prey among the wolves

Someday, I will feed a snake

Drink her venom, stay awake

With time all pain will fade

Through your memory I will wade

Barely cold in her grave

Barely warm in my bed

Settling for a draw tonight

Puppet girl, your strings are mine

This one is for you for you

Only for you

Just give in to it never think again

I feel for you

9. The Phantom Of The Opera


In sleep he sang to me

In dreams he came

That voice which calls to me

And speaks my name

And do I dream again

For now I find

The Phantom of the opera is there

Inside my mind


Sing once again with me

Our strange duet

My power over you

Grows stronger yet

And though you turn from me

To glance behind

The Phantom of the opera is there

Inside your mind


Those who have seen your face

Draw back in fear

I am the mask you wear


It's me they hear


My/your spirit and your/my voice

In one combined

The phantom of the opera is there

Inside your/my mind

He's there the Phantom of the opera

Beware the Phantom of the opera


In all your phantasies

You always knew

That man and mystery


Were both in you


And in this labyrinth

Where night is blind

The phantom of the opera is there

Inside your/my mind


Sing my angel of music

Beauty Of The Beast

Long Lost Love

Trees have dropped their leaves,

Clouds their waters

All this burden is killing me

Distance is covering your way,

Tears your memory

All this beauty is killing me

Oh, do you care,

I still feel for you

So aware,

What should be lost is there

I fear I will never find anyone

I know my greatest pain is yet to come

Will we find each other in the dark

My long lost love

One More Night To Live

Safely away from the world

In a dream, timeless domain

A child, dreamy eyed,

Mother's mirror, father's pride

I wish I could come back to you

Once again feel the rain

Falling inside me

Cleaning all that I've become

My home is far but the rest it lies so close

With my long lost love under the black rose

You told I had the eyes of a wolf

Search them and find the beauty of the beast

All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains

Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes

I wish I had one more night to live

A saint blessed me, drank me deeply

Spitting out the misery in me

Still a sinner rapes 1000 saints

Sharing the the same hell with me

Sanest choice in the insane world:

Beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers


"Oh, sweet Christabel. Share with me your poem.

For I know now, I'm a puppet on this silent stage show.

I'm but a poet who failed his best play.

A Dead Boy, who failed to write an ending

To each of his poems."

The Wayfarer

(Released on the single "Ever Dream" and the japanese version of "Century Child".)

I went into the wilderness with Uncle Walt

I discovered the wild

Learning to suck all the experience

Seeing the world through cradle's bars

The wild blessed me with an errant mind

Showing the way for the ultimate lore

I went around the world, beyond the wild

Finding my home from an ocean shore

Wayfarer, heartlander

What if I only had

One more night to live

Home is where the way is

My road goes on forever

One more voyage to go

Dead to the world

Alive for the journey


Imagine a perfect beach

Without a mermaid

Imagine a perfect hideaway

Without a time

Ocean Soul

Imagine a perfect Eden

Without a friend without a serpent

Ocean Soul

Lonely Soul

"Feeling lonely and content at the same time,

I believe,

is a rare kind of happiness"

Ocean Soul

Lonely Soul


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